Saturday, September 03, 2005

What a beautiful day!

It was an absolutly gorgeous day in Maryland, I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy at least part of it! We had the windows open, uh, after my dh "found" all the screens! I tend to "borrow" them to dry fleeces and hand dyed fiber on them. Actually, I was using two of them today after I made a run of "Iris Garden" Corriedale (on the right) and one of "Iris Merino/Silk blend" (on the left). In between waiting for the dyes to cook to set, I managed to get the rest of the Fleece samples carded and combed, and today was a world record, 5 of them got spun. Now, granted, they were all relatively easy to spin, not very fine samples, but I'm now past the 3/5 mark and closing in on getting done with this project. The fleece study sample basket is beginning to fill up just a litte more and it makes me very happy. I feel like I really need to get some unfinished projects finished before I begin any new ones, and I'm just itching to start on that "Basement Hat" since I have the fiber carded and waiting to spin. I did work on both my Moorit Shetland Shawl (just a few rows of knitting) and the latest pair of socks I've been working on. I got the heel completed and turned and have actually finished the gusset decreases so it's downhill to the end. And it's sock #2!

While I was in California Thursday night, I managed to get all my fleeces listed and up on the sidebar for my blog. Now, I realize that I'm not where near world class in my fleece collecting, but I decided to make a list mostly for myself so I could see what I need to work on next, and I could also see what I don't need to duplicate the next time I end up at a fleece sale. I found this adorable picture of a California Red Sheep on the internet while I was working on my Fleece Stash listing and since I have a California Red partial fleece on it's way to my humble stash, just had to show her off on my blog. :)

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Liz said...

Heh, I LOVE your fleece stash page!!!! It's so cute!!!!

Also, Your Iris colorway is gorgeous too. hat a perfect name for such pretty colors.

Thanks for the call by the way. I needed a pick-me-up...