Thursday, September 29, 2005

How I'm spending my September vacation

I ended up with this week off, I get a certain number of days of vaction a year, (all awarded by seniority) and I have to take it regardless of when I can hold the days. I couldn't hold vaction during the summer, during spring break, or any of the other times that I might have wanted it, so I ended up with this week off. Even still, I've had a chance to do some volunteering at the farm museum doing living history, and catch up a little bit on unpacking from the NJ Festival. I was able to get some color samples started for the fibers I carry for the business yesterday, the fun thing is that I decided to spindle them all, and I spindled each one of the samples on a different spindle, some that are from my collection, some that are part of my inventory. It was fantastic for getting to know the spindles, plus a great way of lessening the boredom of spinning and plying 36 separate pieces of yarn. I'm not going to tell you which spindles were my favorites, because some of my favorites in the past weren't as good on that kind of fiber as they would have been on other fibers. And some that I usually don't like as much were perfect for this kind of fiber. Go figure, I guess it means that having more spindles is better than having less! :)

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CrazyFiberLady said...

What a great idea to sample on different spindles. Are you going to Rhinebeck?