Monday, September 05, 2005

One down, many to go

Today I managed to get my socks done. Woohoo, now only, well, many more knitting projects to go. Who's counting? I'm packing too much to go with me on my trip, but I'll at least have a bit of time to knit on my layover. :) I have the Shetland Shawl and the Alpaca/Angora Scarf packed already.
I've been having a major near panic because my (Mark)eting manager and I decided to go for it and be vendors at the New Jersey Harvest Festival on September 24-25 in Southern New Jersey. Here's a link to their website, last year the festival was really nice, not too large that you couldn't look at vendor's wares like MD or NY are getting, and they had a fleece show and sale. We brought up our son and a friend of his, so we didn't stay for the sale, but I got some nice fiber anyway. Needless to say, I'm not at all ready for this adventure yet, so I spent the day getting labels put on samples, spinning some samples, and basically trying to figure out how I want to organize for the show. Yes, I know I need to do shows because I have such a wide inventory, but I just haven't gotten the work all done yet. I'm moving right along though, and expect to be ready in time. I would expect non-business time will be spent getting the details taken care of from now until the 24th. (Unless of course, some fleeces happen to come in the mail and I just HAVE to work with them!)


Liz said...

Heh... Wow, that's a big step and a lot of work. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything!

Linda said...

That will be fun. I'll be at Stitches East in Atlantic City that weekend, I wonder if your show is near there?