Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures for my Non Facebook Friends

I'm posting some pictures that my friends and family that are on facebook have already seen because I know many of my blog readers are not on facebook. Here's a great shot of Jenn and Aidan last weekend when they were out hiking.
Aidan is just generally being cute in this picture. They were out hiking in the mountains on Oahu and the scenery is just breathtaking.

I absolutely love this one of Aidan and Milo out hiking on the trail. I printed this one out as a picture to hang on the bulletin board in my office. To me, this looks like a painting.

Here's a rare picture of Gracie. When she sees the focusing light of the camera she immediately closes her eyes which makes her even more difficult to photograph than she is normally.

This is a good one of our sweetest girl, Rosie. She's sitting on the nightstand by the bed waiting to see if it's time for treats yet. (No, it's not) This is her usual spot when she's waiting for our nightly ritual of giving the cats treats. I thought this was a very cute picture of her.

Rosie is our acrobat and here she is on the thin top of the headboard. Sammy is looking up at her wondering what she's doing. Usually it's Belle that is up here on the headboard, and in the middle of the night it can get rather annoying, especially when Belle jumps down right on top of me.

Sammy is venturing out from under the bed now. He's even made it into the hallway and down the stairs into the basement when he has Rosie to go with him. Gracie still growls and is scary to him, and Belle is sometimes ok with him and sometimes hisses at him. He has such a timid personality that he hasn't been down in the living room to sit with everyone yet. Every day is a little better, though, so in time he might be able to venture out on his own a bit more. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finished a pair of socks, starting another

I finally finished another pair of socks that were on the needles the other day...these are the May installment of the Socks that rock Club. I love the colors as I'm definitely a purple and blue lover. The pattern is called Fraggle Squiggle Rock. Rosie was sleeping next to me on the sofa when I finished off the socks so she got to hold them for me to take the photograph. She stretched and put her paw on one of them and looked so peaceful. :)

I cheated on this one and borrowed a picture from another person that had finished the July Socks that Rock sock. The picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are bright yellows, reds and greens, the colors of summer veggies on the vine! I'm a few rows into the first cuff and making progress in between doing everything else. Unfortunately while I was sick my eyes seemed to be off somehow and it strained them to do too much knitting so I haven't gotten all that much done. Still, this is probably going to be a quick pattern once I get past the cables on the cuff.

This is the yarn for the September sock, and I will say that I really love it for the fall. I haven't even begun to think about starting that pair yet. I also still have mittens on the needles of my own handspun and I would like to have them finished by winter.
We are doing well with Sammy our newest cat and he's venturing out a little bit, he is awake only during the evening and early morning hours so we don't get to socialize with him much yet.
Still, he's pretty much made friends with Rosie, a little bit with Belle, and we think that Gracie might not ever come around, she is still growling and being unhappy whenever he tries to say hello to her. I'm off to do orders so I can knit later. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Around the place

I went to the doc yesterday, have a sinus infection and ear infection and I'm miserable. I'm on antibiotics now and nasal spray and the antibiotics make me feel yucky as well. I'm trying to get business things done and even finish the last of a pair of socks I'm working on but honestly don't feel like doing anything but complaining. The other day before Sammy came into our lives, we fed the squirrels and chipmunks on our deck and there was only a screen between the little creatures and the cats, I think the chipmunk they were watching is possibly the bravest creature in the world! It's taken me a long time to get a picture of the three girls together, but notice that Gracie isn't next to Belle, that just doesn't happen, Belle still growls and hisses at Grace.
Belle and Rose love sleeping in the corner of our sectional sofa. I have a high intensity light on a long arm that comes over the top and it gives off heat so they often nap in the corner. This is a rare shot of them napping together. They don't snuggle with each other much now that they're grown up and no longer kittens.
Belle has now adopted Rosie's nap spot so lately when they're not together, Belle is curled up in the corner. She really loves being there when I'm sitting right next to her doing some knitting. I have so many projects on the needles right now, I'd love the motivation to get more done but so far I just have used it as a way to relax and take another nap. Maybe when the meds kick in I'll be more motivated.
Sammy, our new buddy, seems to be my husband's new bestest friend. Mark spent a lot of time 2 nights ago lying on the floor in the bathroom where we had the new cat talking to him and getting him to be comfortable. Mark got Sammy onto the bed and comfortable with being there and we actually had him on the bed or the body pillow at the foot of the bed for the entire night. Our little girl, Grace spent the night in the room but she is frightened of Sammy so she didn't sleep right with me for long. She's my puppy-cat and usually sleeps on a pillow right by my side. Hopefully everyone will see that they can get along, just like when we introduced Rosie and then Grace.

We'd bought a toy for Rosie but Rosie didn't really like it that much. As you can see, Sammy really likes this, and not only plays with it, sleeps with his paws around it and even licks the cover on it. Yes, it has catnip inside. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long time no post

I do know that it's been over a month since I blogged, mostly I put things on Facebook and the blogging has taken a backseat to that. We have a new furry child so I guess it's time to catch up a little bit.

Sorry, though, blogging world. We got back from visiting the kids and grandkids in Hawaii and after the obligatory recovery period from the time change, I've hit the ground running as it were in terms of working. I've been working a lot and then adding to it volunteering in Gettysburg (doing a lot of computer work for the museum collection folks) a day a week. Then add to that the various things that I do like play Hatchlings on Facebook and Knit, cooking and shopping, and spending time with my dear husband and the furry children, there just isn't much time left.

Last night one of our neighbors came over and was agitated because while she was out walking her dog they came across a cat in a carrier abandoned near a drainage area that was wooded...the food was left too, it was obviously a dump. Our neighbor couldn't keep the cat and the cat was terrified after the dog tried to get into the carrier to get she called me to see if I knew what she should do. She brought the cat in it's carrier, and the food back to her house, but couldn't keep it since the dog was agressive.

I immediately called the vet...I couldn't take a chance on it having anything contageous to our girls...and took the cat right in the carrier over to the office. The doc said that it is a boy, overweight (the food was terrible cheap dry kibble-full of additives and fillers) and didn't have feline aids or leukemia. It hadn't been out long, no ear mites or fleas, I'm sure it hadn't been able to even get up the courage to come out of his carrier by the time my friend found him. He has a heart murmur which the doctor said isn't really needing treatment, just to watch him for signs of heart distress. I think that he'll do better when we get him on proper nutrition and get some of the excess weight off him too. No more double big mac's with supersized fries for this guy. We have him in seclusion in the large bathroom for now, we'll let him chill and then deal with introducing him to his new sisters slowly. The three girls have been hanging out near the door to where he is.

We discussed names all evening last night and finally decided upon Sam or Sammy. He just isn't a tough and strong male type at least not yet, so a lot of the strong male names just don't work. Other good ones are already taken and we wanted a good one for him to grow into. Runner up name was "Lucky" because he was very lucky to have Jennie walking Bella right when she did so he found a good home.

I've been home sick so far this week with vertigo and a cold or something that has blocked my ears so I can't fly. Maybe the timing was just right. More pictures when he gets confident enough to come out of hiding for awhile.