Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures for my Non Facebook Friends

I'm posting some pictures that my friends and family that are on facebook have already seen because I know many of my blog readers are not on facebook. Here's a great shot of Jenn and Aidan last weekend when they were out hiking.
Aidan is just generally being cute in this picture. They were out hiking in the mountains on Oahu and the scenery is just breathtaking.

I absolutely love this one of Aidan and Milo out hiking on the trail. I printed this one out as a picture to hang on the bulletin board in my office. To me, this looks like a painting.

Here's a rare picture of Gracie. When she sees the focusing light of the camera she immediately closes her eyes which makes her even more difficult to photograph than she is normally.

This is a good one of our sweetest girl, Rosie. She's sitting on the nightstand by the bed waiting to see if it's time for treats yet. (No, it's not) This is her usual spot when she's waiting for our nightly ritual of giving the cats treats. I thought this was a very cute picture of her.

Rosie is our acrobat and here she is on the thin top of the headboard. Sammy is looking up at her wondering what she's doing. Usually it's Belle that is up here on the headboard, and in the middle of the night it can get rather annoying, especially when Belle jumps down right on top of me.

Sammy is venturing out from under the bed now. He's even made it into the hallway and down the stairs into the basement when he has Rosie to go with him. Gracie still growls and is scary to him, and Belle is sometimes ok with him and sometimes hisses at him. He has such a timid personality that he hasn't been down in the living room to sit with everyone yet. Every day is a little better, though, so in time he might be able to venture out on his own a bit more. :)

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