Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long time no post

I do know that it's been over a month since I blogged, mostly I put things on Facebook and the blogging has taken a backseat to that. We have a new furry child so I guess it's time to catch up a little bit.

Sorry, though, blogging world. We got back from visiting the kids and grandkids in Hawaii and after the obligatory recovery period from the time change, I've hit the ground running as it were in terms of working. I've been working a lot and then adding to it volunteering in Gettysburg (doing a lot of computer work for the museum collection folks) a day a week. Then add to that the various things that I do like play Hatchlings on Facebook and Knit, cooking and shopping, and spending time with my dear husband and the furry children, there just isn't much time left.

Last night one of our neighbors came over and was agitated because while she was out walking her dog they came across a cat in a carrier abandoned near a drainage area that was wooded...the food was left too, it was obviously a dump. Our neighbor couldn't keep the cat and the cat was terrified after the dog tried to get into the carrier to get she called me to see if I knew what she should do. She brought the cat in it's carrier, and the food back to her house, but couldn't keep it since the dog was agressive.

I immediately called the vet...I couldn't take a chance on it having anything contageous to our girls...and took the cat right in the carrier over to the office. The doc said that it is a boy, overweight (the food was terrible cheap dry kibble-full of additives and fillers) and didn't have feline aids or leukemia. It hadn't been out long, no ear mites or fleas, I'm sure it hadn't been able to even get up the courage to come out of his carrier by the time my friend found him. He has a heart murmur which the doctor said isn't really needing treatment, just to watch him for signs of heart distress. I think that he'll do better when we get him on proper nutrition and get some of the excess weight off him too. No more double big mac's with supersized fries for this guy. We have him in seclusion in the large bathroom for now, we'll let him chill and then deal with introducing him to his new sisters slowly. The three girls have been hanging out near the door to where he is.

We discussed names all evening last night and finally decided upon Sam or Sammy. He just isn't a tough and strong male type at least not yet, so a lot of the strong male names just don't work. Other good ones are already taken and we wanted a good one for him to grow into. Runner up name was "Lucky" because he was very lucky to have Jennie walking Bella right when she did so he found a good home.

I've been home sick so far this week with vertigo and a cold or something that has blocked my ears so I can't fly. Maybe the timing was just right. More pictures when he gets confident enough to come out of hiding for awhile.

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