Friday, September 25, 2009

Around the place

I went to the doc yesterday, have a sinus infection and ear infection and I'm miserable. I'm on antibiotics now and nasal spray and the antibiotics make me feel yucky as well. I'm trying to get business things done and even finish the last of a pair of socks I'm working on but honestly don't feel like doing anything but complaining. The other day before Sammy came into our lives, we fed the squirrels and chipmunks on our deck and there was only a screen between the little creatures and the cats, I think the chipmunk they were watching is possibly the bravest creature in the world! It's taken me a long time to get a picture of the three girls together, but notice that Gracie isn't next to Belle, that just doesn't happen, Belle still growls and hisses at Grace.
Belle and Rose love sleeping in the corner of our sectional sofa. I have a high intensity light on a long arm that comes over the top and it gives off heat so they often nap in the corner. This is a rare shot of them napping together. They don't snuggle with each other much now that they're grown up and no longer kittens.
Belle has now adopted Rosie's nap spot so lately when they're not together, Belle is curled up in the corner. She really loves being there when I'm sitting right next to her doing some knitting. I have so many projects on the needles right now, I'd love the motivation to get more done but so far I just have used it as a way to relax and take another nap. Maybe when the meds kick in I'll be more motivated.
Sammy, our new buddy, seems to be my husband's new bestest friend. Mark spent a lot of time 2 nights ago lying on the floor in the bathroom where we had the new cat talking to him and getting him to be comfortable. Mark got Sammy onto the bed and comfortable with being there and we actually had him on the bed or the body pillow at the foot of the bed for the entire night. Our little girl, Grace spent the night in the room but she is frightened of Sammy so she didn't sleep right with me for long. She's my puppy-cat and usually sleeps on a pillow right by my side. Hopefully everyone will see that they can get along, just like when we introduced Rosie and then Grace.

We'd bought a toy for Rosie but Rosie didn't really like it that much. As you can see, Sammy really likes this, and not only plays with it, sleeps with his paws around it and even licks the cover on it. Yes, it has catnip inside. :)

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Linda said...

Feel better soon. I have been fighting a sinus infection for a couple of weeks- DH and I got it on vacation. My sinus symptoms are better but I am exhausted and get short of breath very quickly. It's day 8 of 10 on antibiotics. I thought it would be done my now. Your kitties are very cute.