Monday, January 10, 2005

the view out of my hotel window

Some of the most fabulous troops on earth

The absolute best Crew in the world! Posted by Hello

Greatest Trip ever

What's not to love, great crew, great airplane, eating German food and drinking German Beer right there in Frankfurt, bringing real German Gummy Bears home too. The only slightly negative thing is that my circular needle came apart again so I wasn't able to knit on my trip. We met some incredible people, took some troops to, uh, well, can't tell you that, but they were fantastic people. Now if I could only get un-jetlagged so I could function better! lol. I'll get knitting soon so I'll have something new for my blog.

Monday, January 03, 2005

The scarf gets started, finally

Today I had a bunch of on-line learning activities to do for work, and I sat and worked on those activities as well as on the scarf I'm making from that "Flower garden/spring flowers" hand dyed fiber I spun over the holidays. I think it's coming out pretty well. I am going to Europe for work later in the week to Germany and points beyond, wondering if I should dare to take my shawl to knit on...I guess I can break off the bamboo circulars if they give me any grief at security on the way back. I hope everyone is doing well in the new far I haven't made any fiber purchases except for the business, so I guess the diet is going ok. :)
Beginnings of the flower garden scarf Posted by Hello