Saturday, March 25, 2006

A little progress

I've made only a limited amount of progress this week on my vest. I took Mark's sweater with me and did a couple of rows on the way to Los Angeles on Wednesday, but due to working so much, I haven't been knitting a whole lot. I do love the interplay of colors in the vest so far, I've finished one pattern repeat and I'm just starting the second. I have a long way to go. Knit on!

Monday, March 20, 2006

A new UFO has begun

This is the "RoseMarkie" vest from one of my new books. It's billed as a "one star" or easiest pattern, and since I've not done steeks before, I thought I'd stick with the easy patterns until I'm comfortable. The pattern calls for warm colors, oranges and browns, but I love the blues and purples so I made it my own colorway. This is how it looks today after working many hours this weekend.
My intent was to post this picture of my progress last week after I frogged the entire ribbing and had to re-do it, but when I signed on Wednesday morning before work (that would have made it around 0300) the site wasn't functioning. My apologies. And yes, I'm still working on my Aran sweater for my dear husband. I was getting burned out and needed a little break from that, hence the new UnFinished Object. There's just not much time in the day after working and doing everything else, but I do try to knit at least a little bit each day. Have a great day and Knit Happy!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trying to get back to the usual me :)

I had thought I'd have at least a picture of the beginnings of my "RoseMarkie" vest to show for the last two night's knitting. I had cast on and knit about 8 or 9 rows of the two colored (on my 4th color addition) ribbing. On a brand new size 2 circular needle. I carefully checked before joining the stitches to make sure there wasn't a twist on the new and therefore by nature, twisted needle. I've been home from work sick with clogged ears and this cold, so the only knitting I've been doing has been while watching TV. I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been. I don't know what made me double check, but all of a sudden, I thought "I should look at how the colors come together in the evolving ribbing" and all of a sudden I realize what I'm seeing. That's right. A moibus. Now, no proper lady would ever use any questionable language when she found out what has happened and that she has to rip out two night's work, of course. And after blaming the pattern designer for good measure, I had to take the responsibility that I'd messed up. I tried to come up with a quick fix that would allow me to continue knitting, but there just wasn't one. And it doesn't affect my mood at all that it's PMS time and my sinus' feel like there are garden gnomes in them with pickaxes. Sigh. The moibus is now ripped out, but I don't think I have the heart to start again tonight. So here's my picture for today's post, I'll bet these guys are laughing at me behind my back. I suppose they never knit Moibus's unless they plan on them...

Eyb Hab a Colb, Sorry

I know, I know, I haven't updated in how long? I promise I will do it soon! I've had a bad cold and not felt like doing much of anything lately except try to keep up with work. Please be patient for another day or two. :) Thanks!