Friday, November 25, 2005

Fun with Google

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and managed to survive without getting too full!

I was reading Elaine's blog and came upon this fun little game: Type "(your name) NEEDS" and hit enter on google. Then post the top 10. Here are mine (truncated by google):
1. Vicki needs to pay the rent, and without community approval she might as well...
~Hehe...always a concern...that darn rent. Especially with my job.
2. Vicki needs to realize that dogs are not little people in furry costumes ...
~Actually I thought dogs were people in furry suits. At least my dogs have always been.
3. "Vicki needs more yarn like she needs a hole in the head," ...
~~This one was my personal favorite, and true for ME at that! In fact this one came up numerous times.
4. Vicki needs all the help she can get and your prayers can assist in that regard. Also the CBC program ...
~Not sure about the CBC programme, but I can always use assistance from the "upstairs"!
5. Vicki Needs to Go by JeeHoon Lee and Artie Romero,
~No idea what that was, and I didn't feel like googling any further with my laptop battery on it's"die at the most inopportune time possible" setting.
6. Vicki needs help when transferring to and from the car.
~Probably need to file this one for many years from now.
7. Vicki needs to learnabout “she bang” magic. As in “she bang” her head against the wall with
~No, that's not (to my knowledge) about having too much wine with dinner...
8. Vicki needs me in Tuscaloosa
~Actually I've never been there. I've been to a lot of small towns, but not that one.
9. Vicki needs treats! Vote for Vicki. You can vote once a day per IP, and any votesthat violate that rule get canceled out at the end. ...
~Hey, feel free to send treats at any time. Well, actually, unless they're Weight Watcher's one point mini bars, please don't...sometimes I need to be saved from myself. And since you asked, I'm glad I have a week after Thanksgiving until I weigh in again, but I didn't go as crazy as I usually do so that in itself is a small personal victory. Now to navigate my mom-in-law's fantastic leftovers!
10. Vicki needs to forget about him and find someone ...
~Naaaahhhhhhh, I've got the absolutely most fantasticist guy in the world. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Monday, November 21, 2005

A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday to all

We're getting ready to go to my husband's parents for our Thanksgiving Holiday and I wanted to tell everyone that I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! Of course, we're totally swamped trying to get everything done at the last moment, that's how most of us work best!

If you don't want to hear some venting, feel free to not read the rest of the post. I was happy to spend Saturday with my son, and have some opions of my own to make known as a result of also spending the day with my former husband: (As well as my son's mentor who is the finest person I have ever met): "If you give a person everything in the world that he wants, he loses the motivation to do anything for himself. He will lose the drive to excel, and if you then do everything for him under the guise of "helping", he will have no reason to be proud of his own accomplishments. He does not value the things that are not earned himself, nor does he appreciate what goes into obtaining them, and does not respect the work that others must do in order to own their own rewards. He becomes negative and entitled and will continue to desire to be spoiled and have everything handed to him as time goes on unless he himself breaks this cycle since it's much easy to take with open hand than to work for rewards. The parent who indulges in this way is creating a dependant adult for the parent's own misguided gain, not an independent and well adjusted adult." Those are my opinions on childrearing, which force me to sometimes make unpopular decisions based on the difference between easy and fun to having rules, boundaries, and responsibilities for my child. Being the one that was "a parent" was always more difficult than being the one that was trying to always be "a friend". It's so much more than what a parent buys for their child.

Pending his graduation in 3 weeks, my son has been given: a resume written my my ex, a job through a relative that DS hasn't even yet interviewed for, a car (test driven by my ex, and will be purchased by him although my son will supposedly pay him back), a driver's license ( appointment for the test was made for him), insurance for that car, contact lenses that I always said he should earn by his behavior, and is being actively solicited for what he wants for graduation gifts which will no doubt add to his already large collection of DVDs and electronics. Things like this have robbed this young adult of much needed life skills and lessons in doing things for himself and reinforced how easy it is to be entitled, and I've not but listed a few.

This program DS is enrolled in was a fallback position because he did not do his work in High School despite mounting groundings and restrictions for his defiant behavior. It's obvious that the negative teaching of entitlement and growing up hearing how horrible "rules" were was deeply rooted, and the "cause and effect", "earn your rewards", and "action and consequences" based teaching that I have tried to counter the negative done all these years was lost to the easier path from my marriage and move from Colorado when my son was 4 years old. I am very proud of my son's progress, his academic honors, his fantastic grades and test scores, his volunteer work and his rising to the top in this program, but since it's a residential program since July, I can only surmise that he is successful since he was left to his own "sink or swim" motivations without the "easier path" being there for him. He excelled and blossomed in an environment of structure and rules without having the negativity of "those rules are stupid" whispered in his ears. He's done it on his own, and he deserves to be very proud of himself, as I am very, very proud of him. I knew he could do anything he wanted as long as he was able to do it for himself and that the environment of structure as I always fought for would be beneficial. I do hope that he can get away from the influence of entititlement and laziness so he will continue to thrive and What a shame, my heart cries out for this wonderful kid that I love more than words can express, and I sincerely hope that my son realizes what has happened. I hope that none of the single (or remarried) parents out there has to deal with anything negative happening to their child.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A + B = C

These three pictures show the two singles of different but contrasting and related color that I spun, and the resulting two plied yarn that came out of them. I am really pleased with the effect on the yarn. I can't wait to knit it up and see what it looks like...I love the heathered look. I'm not sure what I'm going to make from it (just what I need - another Unfinished project!) but I'm looking forward to using it. It's so soft and wonderful. Both fibers were Corriedale, the solid lavender is NZ Carded corriedale, and the multicolored is just Corriedale roving which was then hand dyed. I'll put pictures of any finished project I make up, but somehow, I don't think that's going to happen until after the holidays!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The new Joy is here! :)

And it's definitely more of a Joy than the old one with the wobble in the wheel. I spun up 2 ounces of NZ corriedale in Lavender to ply with some hand dyed corriedale that I have going on my Louet (which, by the way, I've decided to name "Louey Louet"). I love the color, and the Joy is sure to grow on me as I use it more. I'm looking forward to taking "Chava" (Joy in Hebrew, and one of my Hebrew names from my Mother) with us for Thanksgiving in Illinois.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Big Thank Yous to my Secret Pals!

I'm in two secret pal groups, and I very much enjoy sending things to my secret pals and getting to know new fiber people. It's always a surprise and a pleasure to get packages from the ladies that have me as a secret pal. This first package came on Saturday from my Spindlers Secret Pal, in Canada. Isn't the fiber beautiful! Now I just have to decide which spindle is worthy of that gorgeous Merino Silk, and how finely to spin it and what to make of it too. Decisions, decisions, decisions. The CD you see on top of the fiber is in my machine and playing now, It's called Tapestry IV-Gentlemen, and is so wonderful for spinning, knitting, and just relaxing. It's music from the 17th and 18th century in Britian as well as some new compositions, and I can't even describe how beautiful the music is. Perfect! Thank you so VERY much, my spindler sister from Canada, my Spindler's Secret pal!
The next picture is the package that came last last evening from my Secret Pal 6 pal, and what a perfect combination of such nice things! Thank you so very much! I know the picture is kind of hard to see, but my secret pal sent Chocolate because she knows I love it so much! In the background is a set of Clover circulars to do the beautiful Lorna's Laces yarn socks that I'm planning out of the yarn she sent me last month. It'll be a project to take with me for Thanksgiving travel! Isn't the yarn fabulous and beautiful! It's called Whispers, and is made of 50% Mohair and 50% Acryllic. I've never seen this kind of yarn before, and trust me when I tell you that touching it is pure heaven, it's so very soft and the color and luster are gorgeous. And if that wasn't perfect enough, in the foreground are some knitmarkers that my talented secret pal made for me. I'll treasure them and use them with pride. Once again, to my secret pal knitter sister from Belarus (and now Florida), Thank YOU!

After knitting between doing everything else yesterday and this morning, I finally got enough of the Koigu Gypsy Shawl finished to take a picture of, I'm now on row 53 so it's expanding enough to be seen. I went to the LYS and broke down and bought a Addy Turbo Circular to knit this on, I love the bamboos usually but the one I was knitting on made it so slow and sticky to slide the stitches on, perhaps it wasn't sanded well, I don't know. But now I'm moving right along! I love this yarn, and I thank Liz for showing me her stash and getting me started on my very own addiction to it! I have just the outfit to wear this shawl with too!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Today's Chuckle

I was reading the digest of Yahoo group's Sheep Thrills and came upon this: so perfect for me, and for others that I know...

SELE: Stash Exceeds Life Expectancy! Isn't that the truth!

And on that note: Im working on the Koigu Gypsy Shawl, I'm on row 35 but it's still too small to photograph without laughing. Maybe when I get to row 100. Of course, I'm blaming my friend Liz for introducing me to this lovely yarn...her Charlotte's web shawl is exquisite!

Hubby found this great German Beer hall called Blob's Park that had decent German food, but what's more fun is that they had a live Polka band and we danced until we couldn't dance any more. We've now signed up for Lessons since Hubby's Polish Polka Gene somehow didn't transfer from his parents. I learned as a child, standing on top of my dad's feet at Slovak family weddings and such. We still had fun, and are planning on going back whenever we can.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A new addition to the fold

Just look at this beauty, it's the latest spindle to be added to my collection, and I just love it! This beautiful Loki spindle made of Box Elder Burl was in the box as a gift for me from Elizabeth Daily, the creator of the gorgeous line of Greensleeves Spindles. I proudly carry her spindles in my store and ebay store as they are some of the most artistic and most beautiful spindles I've ever seen. Elizabeth has a real way of bringing out the potential in wood, as you can see from this spindle. I had a scrap of Merino/Yak roving (50/50 blend) sitting on my desk, so I've been spinning it on the spindle, which is not only beautiful, but spins really well! I've been doing a lot of my samples lately on the wheels, but I think this fiber is going to be spun on this beautiful spindle. And did I mention that I unpacked 20 other drop dead gorgeous spindles from the same box, but alas, they're not for me...