Friday, November 25, 2005

Fun with Google

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and managed to survive without getting too full!

I was reading Elaine's blog and came upon this fun little game: Type "(your name) NEEDS" and hit enter on google. Then post the top 10. Here are mine (truncated by google):
1. Vicki needs to pay the rent, and without community approval she might as well...
~Hehe...always a concern...that darn rent. Especially with my job.
2. Vicki needs to realize that dogs are not little people in furry costumes ...
~Actually I thought dogs were people in furry suits. At least my dogs have always been.
3. "Vicki needs more yarn like she needs a hole in the head," ...
~~This one was my personal favorite, and true for ME at that! In fact this one came up numerous times.
4. Vicki needs all the help she can get and your prayers can assist in that regard. Also the CBC program ...
~Not sure about the CBC programme, but I can always use assistance from the "upstairs"!
5. Vicki Needs to Go by JeeHoon Lee and Artie Romero,
~No idea what that was, and I didn't feel like googling any further with my laptop battery on it's"die at the most inopportune time possible" setting.
6. Vicki needs help when transferring to and from the car.
~Probably need to file this one for many years from now.
7. Vicki needs to learnabout “she bang” magic. As in “she bang” her head against the wall with
~No, that's not (to my knowledge) about having too much wine with dinner...
8. Vicki needs me in Tuscaloosa
~Actually I've never been there. I've been to a lot of small towns, but not that one.
9. Vicki needs treats! Vote for Vicki. You can vote once a day per IP, and any votesthat violate that rule get canceled out at the end. ...
~Hey, feel free to send treats at any time. Well, actually, unless they're Weight Watcher's one point mini bars, please don't...sometimes I need to be saved from myself. And since you asked, I'm glad I have a week after Thanksgiving until I weigh in again, but I didn't go as crazy as I usually do so that in itself is a small personal victory. Now to navigate my mom-in-law's fantastic leftovers!
10. Vicki needs to forget about him and find someone ...
~Naaaahhhhhhh, I've got the absolutely most fantasticist guy in the world. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

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Rissa said...

That was funny. Mine were amusing too. :-D