Thursday, November 10, 2005

The new Joy is here! :)

And it's definitely more of a Joy than the old one with the wobble in the wheel. I spun up 2 ounces of NZ corriedale in Lavender to ply with some hand dyed corriedale that I have going on my Louet (which, by the way, I've decided to name "Louey Louet"). I love the color, and the Joy is sure to grow on me as I use it more. I'm looking forward to taking "Chava" (Joy in Hebrew, and one of my Hebrew names from my Mother) with us for Thanksgiving in Illinois.


Liz said...

I didn't know that you name your wheels! :) I don't name things well at all. I'm just not creative. So my Joy is Joy, the Susie Pro is Susie, and the Louet is the Louet. :)

Olgajazzy said...

Wow, Vicky, you must be busy most of the time now! It is absolutely adorable... remembering your car full of wool back from Sheep and Wool festival it will surely keep you very much Busy!
I am so eager to see the colors that you are going to make them into!