Monday, March 07, 2005

One done, one begun

It seems to me that I rarely get anything done. I have a bunch of unfinished projects but finishing one seems to elude me most times, I get sidetracked to the allure of starting yet another new project and don't get back to the ones that are sitting around here. But progress is being made: I got one sock finished in this pair (I probably have enough yarn in my stash for 5 more pairs or more) this morning, and cast on the other one, and that feels good. Of all the socks I've made for samples or while writing a pattern, I only have 2 pairs (2 1/2 with this one) for me to wear myself! I love the sock yarns that are out now, this one is a little bit dark for my usual colors but hey, I'm stepping out of the box! Now to work on the other one and have something positive to show! :)
One Finished Sock Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Finally, the shawl yarn is finished!

After spending a lot of time working on my taxes, the bookkeeping on the business, revamping the business website to add better pictures of the fiber, and flying around 100 hours in the air (read that 50 hours duty time plus a week) the last couple of months, I finally made the time to spin the rest of the Merino/Mohair for my shawl. I got the yarn knitted into the pattern and I'm nearing the end of the shawl. I've enjoyed working on it when I've had the time to sit down and work on it.

I realized that the merino/Alpaca yarn I hand painted would sit in the house for years before I got to make anything from it, so I put it up for sale on ebay. It's in my store: Kendig Cottage.

My dh's granddad passed away in February so we all went to the family home for a week. He was 96 and had led a rich and full life with many grandchildren and greatchildren that he doted over. I had the flu the entire time I was there so I didn't get anything fibery done, but before I got sick, I managed to start a striped sock. I just love the wonderful sock yarns that are out there, I think I have a good selection in my own stash, and I'm trying to use up some of the stash. I'll post a picture later on as I get somewhere on the socks.
The shawl continues to grow Posted by Hello