Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finished a pair of socks, starting another

I finally finished another pair of socks that were on the needles the other day...these are the May installment of the Socks that rock Club. I love the colors as I'm definitely a purple and blue lover. The pattern is called Fraggle Squiggle Rock. Rosie was sleeping next to me on the sofa when I finished off the socks so she got to hold them for me to take the photograph. She stretched and put her paw on one of them and looked so peaceful. :)

I cheated on this one and borrowed a picture from another person that had finished the July Socks that Rock sock. The picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are bright yellows, reds and greens, the colors of summer veggies on the vine! I'm a few rows into the first cuff and making progress in between doing everything else. Unfortunately while I was sick my eyes seemed to be off somehow and it strained them to do too much knitting so I haven't gotten all that much done. Still, this is probably going to be a quick pattern once I get past the cables on the cuff.

This is the yarn for the September sock, and I will say that I really love it for the fall. I haven't even begun to think about starting that pair yet. I also still have mittens on the needles of my own handspun and I would like to have them finished by winter.
We are doing well with Sammy our newest cat and he's venturing out a little bit, he is awake only during the evening and early morning hours so we don't get to socialize with him much yet.
Still, he's pretty much made friends with Rosie, a little bit with Belle, and we think that Gracie might not ever come around, she is still growling and being unhappy whenever he tries to say hello to her. I'm off to do orders so I can knit later. :)

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