Sunday, August 16, 2009

And now introducing Collin

I'm sitting here at my daughter's dining room table looking out the sliders at clouds rolling in at daybreak. We're in paradise, we spent all day Friday getting here and had a great day yesterday enjoying the kids, the grandkids, and just being here in general. We loaded up Aidan in the car and drove to Wailua to go to the weekly farmer's market there at the site of the Old Sugar Mill. We walked all around picking out veggies and fruit for us to share and went into a couple of the businesses there. I love the Soap Factory and the Sugar Mill store that has great Wailua coffee.
Aidan also got a chance to go to the playground beside his house and play with Grandpa. Notice the matching yellow hats! He enjoyed his time outside and enjoys Grandpa. He's absolutely talking up a storm, when we came over a rise in the road going to Wailua, the whole beach and ocean was visible and he began saying "Beach" and "Ocean" and "Boat". He loves to go to the beach, and we plan on taking him there one of the days that we're visiting.
The Sugar mill had large concrete pools of lilypads that had fish in them. Aidan really enjoyed looking for the fish under the leaves.
He was really concentrating on finding them, they were very small kind of the size of guppies. He was so good as he never stuck his hand into the water or splashed or anything, he just wanted to see the fish, not to disturb them.
Here is the new grandson, Collin. He's 5 weeks old now and is a little guy. Aidan is so adorable with him, when Collin cries, Aidan tells him "it's ok" and tries to pat him and comfort him, and he even showed Collin his new tractor and bus that we brought him from home. They're both beautiful kids, but you might say that I'm not exactly impartial!

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