Monday, September 26, 2005

NJ Harvest Sheep & Fiber Festival report

DH and I spent the weekend at the NJ Harvest Sheep & Fiber Festival in our first foray into the vending arena. We decided before going that we were just hoping to break even, and we'd go and have fun. We did just that, so we weren't disappointed. This show is small and friendly, and it was so nice to meet the wonderful wendors, organizers, and folks that came to participate and look. The large shows such as Maryland and NY are getting to the point that you can't even walk in the vendor areas without getting hit and jostled by all the folks, and you certainly can't see anything or spend time talking with folks. This was different. This was really nice. They had live music, fun classes, a beautiful farmland setting, and adorable sheep, goats, bunnies, alpacas, and more sheep! My favorite, the friendly and sweet California reds were in attendance as well. They just love to be scratched, petted, and talked to, and their shepherds are just as nice as they are! And did I mention that my dh is now officially a fiber enabler? He went to the fantastic fleece auction and came away with 5 beautiful fleeces. When he was showing me, I heard such terms as "great staple length", "luster", "well skirted", so I think he's been hanging around us fiber folks quite a bit! Did I marry the right guy or what! I won't even tell you what a fantastic deal everyone that was at the auction got on their purchases, because you'd be so jealous. There was also a silent auction of great handmades and a fleece sale. I bought a beautiful chocolate brown BFL, CVM, Rambouillet cross fleece from a farm in NY at the sale. They always have fantastic fleeces for sale, and this one was no different. It wasn't advertised as being skirted (and the price was very, very low for a non-covered fleece, fantastically low for a covered one) but upon washing it today, I found absolutely nothing that I had to throw away. And besides the usual lanolin, it was clean as could be. I can't wait to start spinning it, it's drying right now and calling my name!


LadyV said...

That fleece looks so yummmy! I'll bet it spins like butta!

5 fleeces??? C'mon Vicki, give it up...What all did you get?

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