Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I can't get going today! :)

Yawn. I'm kind of tired from getting home late last night with lots of work on the agend before bed, but I just couldn't sleep later than I did this morning. I keep hoping the caffeine will kick in eventually, perhaps I need some of the hi test stuff from one of the FruFru Coffee places! I have been sitting on the sofa doing "just one more row" of the Fair Isle Hat that I started in LAS on Monday. It's coming out really nicely and I keep wanting to see more of the pattern develop. It's probably going to be a holiday gift for my DS who has actually met 3 of the 4 sheep whose fleeces are included in my rendition of the hat (and who doesn't read my blog ~grin~).
This pattern is actually a free one that I found online (Fair Isles Hat Pattern) but done in a blue and lighter brown colorway. Since I wanted to use my naturally colored fleeces from the basement (yes, this is the "Basement Hat" that you saw on an earlier blog entry as fiber ready to spin) I tried to match my colors to those of the hat. I'm not sure how I did but "it is what it is". The gauge is correct but it seems so huge already for the amount I have left to knit of the pattern. There is no gauge listed for the rows, just the stitches, and I think that's where the problem is. I have to think about it a bit and see if I think I can alter the pattern. I have to spin some more of the black "Blackie the Lamb" wool today, and of course, I have a bunch of errands and laundry to do, and repack for my trip tomorrow. But knitting is so much more fun!


Pugknits said...

it sure is gratifying as the project grows, isn't it? would imagine that this is gonna need some amount of concentration....

funny comment about sheeps reading blog!

T Chem said...


I was poking through my referral logs and saw that you're working on my hat. It looks lovely!

I don't have the row gauge listed in my notes (and my mom has the hat now so I can't check), but the hat did come out a little longer than the usual ski-cap style of hat--it flops down a little bit in the back, because my favorite part was the top and I wanted to show it off. To make it shorter, I'd probably exchange chart C for chart A.