Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is actually a re-post as the original one "ate" my sidebar! Anyhow, I went to the post office to gather up my packages today. I had a Rominov fleece that I'd bought from an ebay auction as well as a big box with a few others I'd purchased online. The Rominov was a complete and total loss, horribly felted and very stinky. If you want it, feel free to email me! It's yours! I did email the seller who advertized it as "Raw" Wool and clean-kept off the floor, explaining that it was unusable and the listing didn't say that it was felted. I figured that if she knew the breed, she'd know that it wasn't supposed to be felted! lol...She told me I should have emailed her before bidding to ask if it was felted! Oh well, I'm disappointed since I was planning to "gift" a bunch of fiber friends with parts of the fleece to make sample skeins to add to their collections. Now I have a big hunk-o-wool that is worthless and useless, and on top of that, smelly!


LadyV said...

OH NO! I was so shocked when I read your post. I hope you left strong comments to the seller regarding the major details left out of her description.

CarolineF said...

Excuse me, you should have ASKED if it was FELTED??? Who expects something sold as FLEECE to be FELTED??? You should post a comment saying This fleece was felted and she said I should have known to ask. For the sake of the next innocent buyer. Glad the others are good.

Liz said...

Oy Gevalt. That is just ridiculous. Much like the experience LadyV had with the Moths in the fleece... You have some lovely colored mulch though! :)