Saturday, January 03, 2009

Attitude is everything

I'm happy to report that Gracie (the chocolate long hair) is feeling much better in this new year and has gotten back her energy and her spunk. She's a love to us, but to the kittens, she is a real tough one. It'll be a month next week since we took her in. Belle (the Grey Tabby) still doesn't like her much, there's still hissing going on and a lot of claw swats between her and Gracie. Rosie (Tri-Colored Calico) really wants to be friends with Grace, so she is too agressive about seeking friendship, often following Grace places, and trying to get to close and it gets Gracie telling her to "leave me alone" quite forcefully, often with her paws and claws. In general the three are managing to co-exist though on not too friendly basis. I think that food and "hoomans" are an issue, there is probably some jealousy going on about each of those especially us humans, and they all are possibly trying to establish who is the dominant. Belle has always been the Queen and I believe that Gracie probably didn't have cat siblings and is quite a bit older, so there is a lot of posturing going on. Rosie is just sweet and lovable and when she gets Grace in her face she looks bewildered. I'm sure they'll all get better as time goes by, maybe never being best friends but at least living in the same home with a minimum of stress.

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Jody said...

My 2 cats co-exist together and can sometimes even cuddle together (one's a male and the other a female who is older and was with me first...they are both 'fixed'). However they are not close buddies and the dominant role can change depending on their mood. I believe as long as they are all treated with luv and have their own 'space', then they can live together. I have seen it happen many times in large animal shelters.