Thursday, January 15, 2009

Typical day in our house

funny pictures of cats with captionsUh huh, Belle is a real daredevil about getting on the counter. She has her own perch on the top of the covered trash can right by the counter so she can watch what's going on up in food land. But then again, she loves to watch food or a coffee cup go around in the microwave. What? The microwave is on the counter? oops! Aw, mom, you caught me again! Now, if I act really adorable and mew with a really pitiful voice will I still be in trouble?

On another note...Grace seems doing fine now though I do worry about her food intake. There is canned food put down each morning and evening in 3 bowls in 3 different spots in the kitchen. The kittens hop right to eating, but Gracie doesn't seem to want anything in the bowls when the kittens are around. I've even put some out in the hallway for her and she doesn't usually touch it. I leave kibble out for them during the day and night (it makes for a nicer early morning for me). I suppose that she's getting enough to eat, but she's still very thin so I worry. She is a real attention lover and enjoys snuggling up while we're on the sofa. Like the other two, she likes to sit next to but not on, our laps.

As far as I can tell, the "pecking" order is: Belle is the Queen, she growls and hisses and chases Grace away with a rare moment when she leaves Grace alone. Grace has become pretty afraid of Belle, but occasionally Gracie has enough and lashes out at Belle. I can't tell if there are claws out from anyone, it all usually happens so fast. Then Grace takes it out on our sweet girl, Rosie who seems to be the one that is always trying to make "nice" and hiding or just trying to get along. Poor Rosie is usually just minding her own business and trying to walk by with no eye contact and Gracie bats her and snarls at her. It gets a bit better at times (last night Gracie slept on the bed with Belle on the pillow on the chest at the foot of the bed and Rosie up on the other side by my pillow for awhile.), but then it gets bad again with hissing, swatting, and growling this morning. I know eventually they'll either work it all out or they won't, all I know is that we love ALL of our girls and we try to treat them all equally.

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