Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday already?

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." - A. A. Milne

I had 9 of the 10 things for Tuesday written and proofread and then poof! I must have hit a wrong key as it was all of a sudden gone. I didn't have the time that late in the day to try to reconstruct it. So, here I am here again on Wednesday doing a TTT.

1. I successfully completed my re-qualification exams and practicals on Monday. It's always such a good feeling to get them over with, the stress lifts and then though it's a crazy busy day (we have to demonstrate each and every door and window exit, fire fight, re-qualify in CPR and AED and so on) I always look back upon it and feel good about having had the refresher and feel very on top of things that hopefully I'll not have to use in the real world in the upcoming year.

2. We had an ice and snow storm last night. It's beautiful though treacherous outside and the world is just beginning to wake up with school being cancelled and most folks going into work late. Unfortunately I do have to leave the house today so I'm trying to get motivated enough to go clear off the car and shovel the sidewalk. I really do not like winter so when the weather gods rear their ugly heads I try really hard not to have to go out in it.

3. My long wait is over! I had seen that a Wii game/disc for workouts was getting good reviews on Weight Watchers and other places so I went looking for it a few weeks ago. It's called "My Fitness Trainer" and I've found it available online and in stores for $49.99 which is way too expensive. I kept looking and found it on sale online for $19.99 and ordered it only to find out it was out of stock. I was patient and it finally came to me late last week. It takes awhile to set up the profile but I did that Sunday morning before I left for Chicago. I did my first workout yesterday with "Maya" (the trainer) and it was a great workout and actually did push me quite well.

4. I didn't go to the fitness class yesterday because of the snow and I'll probably skip today. I'm not losing my motivation, just going to work out at home with Maya. I followed up yesterday morning's MFT work out in the afternoon with 30 minutes of aerobics with the Wii fit.

5. I gained again last Saturday when I had my weigh in at Weight Watchers. I am following the program and certainly exercising more than I used to before the new year, but I keep gaining small amounts. I go see the Doc today, am going to ask for something for my vertigo/sinus/ear that doesn't have any steroids in it. Maybe that's it, I don't know. It's worth a try. I'm getting frustrated. Maybe it's time to begin to NOT use my "additional 35" points that you get per week in addition to my daily 21. Maybe it's again not drinking enough water. I don't know.

6. While I was showering I thought about sharing something I enjoy...sounds silly but I really like good smelling handmade soaps. I don't like commercial ones, they extrude all the glycerin and they don't feel or work the same. I have one for my body that is made by a lady outside of Gettysburg, she sells them at the farmer's market in the Spring and Summer. That one is Cucumber and Melon, it smells wonderful and feels so very nice on my skin. The one I use for my face is made by "The Soap Factory" in Wailua (very small business on Oahu that is situated in one of the old Sugar Cane mills) and that one is made with Kukui nut oil and has scrubbing grit. It is Pineapple/Papaya, though I do love all of their scents and soaps. I'd rather scrimp and save on something else, I have to have my nice soaps. I also use Kukui nut moisturizer on my face and I haven't had a zit issue since I started using the soap and moisturizer. They're so inexpensive too!

7. I came home Monday night to some very clingy cats who thought I wasn't coming home and weren't happy with the prospect of having to survive upon dry kibble for the night. (I got home near 10pm). Their dad had left very early in the morning for a business trip which they're more used to than my being gone overnight. Everyone wanted to snuggle with me at bed time which doesn't work well because of the tensions between Gracie and the kittens. Belle was nipping at my legs, she's never liked the eau de' airplane that she detects when I come home from flying, and Rosie sniffed at me like she wasn't sure it was really me. Last night was better, though Grace decided to sleep in Rosie's spot at the end of the bed. That violated some unwritten law with the kittens so they were not happy with her. Still, they all have had lots of loving and been fed well so everything is happy for them again.

8. My dear daughter called and related that she'd finished her taxes yesterday. I haven't even gotten all the paperwork yet nor the program with which to do them, so that'll have to be on my agenda in the next few days. Every year I try to do them early but dread doing them because it literally takes me days and sometimes more to finalize the business year and get them done. Still, I've been working feverishly on financial matters and I feel a lot more in line with things. I set up a budget yesterday which is something that I do periodically to get more on top of what's going out and what needs to come in. Since we usually get a small refund, I need to get moving on that.

9. As I read blogs, I find that those that are not spell checked or use horrible grammar are much more difficult to read, and more difficult to figure out what the author intended to say. I have actually cut a few out of my "reads" because it's just not worth slogging through them, especially knowing how easy it is to at least spell check them. It's mostly those that use things like "text abbreviations" such as UR for your (c'mon, it's only 2 more keystrokes to type the word!), or are very hard to read. In any case, I'll be more careful to proofread my own and to spell check them since there is a spell checker on all of the blogging platforms that I'm familiar with. That way none of my dear friends and readers will have to roll their eyes when I've made and not caught an error.

10. Along with talking about blogging, I, like others of you, have decided to be more careful of my computer time. I have to constantly be on the computer for my business, but I find that I spend more time here than I have to by sitting and doing non-essential things. I still have to do orders, invoice, emails, and all those responsible business things, but I'm limiting my blog reading, posting, commenting, chatting, and face-book reads to once a day. No more "just checking" after the morning read to see if there's anything new, it's a tremendous time waster for me. I'll still endeavor to blog in the "at least once a week" range or when I have new pictures, but I won't have the time to comment on everyone's blog that I read. I'm sorry, but I have other things that are sitting around unfinished that I want to get a move on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Jody said...

I spend waaaaaaay more time online than I intend to! I have so many other things I should be doing!
It's hard to stick to an exercise program. I used to own a small fitness centre a few years ago and I worked out all the time. I still have all that great equipment but no extra room in my house to make into a fitness room. I find going to a gym gets me more motivated and I want to look good around all those other people :)