Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Ten Thoughts for Tuesday

1. Most of you know that I love to sew and I do Civil War reenacting. I take classes at the Genteel Arts Academy in Gettysburg whenever I can on period sewing techniques and construction of period clothing, and I took one this past weekend. It was all about "yoked bodices" and included study of period garments and period photographs of others, and then we went on our own to create our own bodice. The classes are 8-5 on both days and in that time I got this bodice almost finished (except hand finishing the piped edges of neck, waist, and sleeve edge). It's hard to see the ruffle at the edge of the yoke or the pleating on the lower edge in the photograph but they're there. Since I lost all day yesterday to having vertigo, today I want to try to find some trim and perhaps buttons to help pop the color of the burned orange dots of berries in the fabric, which is very subdued.

2. Along with that "love to sew" is that I'm going to try to get the skirt and the rest of the above dress finished to wear to a division meeting in less than 2 weeks. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, the skirts usually take me just a couple of days to complete, I just have to get the motivation to go upstairs and clean off my cutting table to get it all laid out and also get the skirt facing cut and sewn and edged. I might put some ruffling on it too, depending on how much fabric I have left after I do the skirt panels.

3. I lost yesterday completely due to having to take some medicine and it making me sleep all day, so I feel like getting myself going, but I'm going to kind of take it easy so I don't overdo things. I probably have a sinus and/or ear infection coming and that's why I had vertigo bad enough to have to take my meds. I don't want to push myself and then be sick the rest of the week. I'm supposed to fly a few days this week, but if I'm not feeling up to par, I'll put in a request to have them off so I don't have to go to work feeling crummy.

4. Last week I told you'all that I'd started Weight Watchers again. I had a weekend of excess since we always order lunch out in our sewing classes and then eat out on the way home from Gettysburg, but I'm back on track now and charting everything I eat. I even went back and charted the weekend food and I'm still within my week's points. We do our weigh in on Saturdays and I lost 1.4 pounds last week, not a lot, but it's something. Last week I did exercise quite a bit though I'm getting a slow start this week since I'm not feeling great, but I'm going to try to work on it.

5. Along those lines, last week we got a Wii so that we could use the exercise features of the Wii fit. We're not into video games but the exercise games are fun and get you moving and even sweating. Hubby and I really like it, and I've been trying to at least do some at home each day. The yoga has helped to stretch and to point out that I have virtually no upper body strength, so that is my focus. I'll continue to go to classes at the gym as I can and work especially on my upper body and my back. I love the hula-hoop game as well as the step aroebics, and the strength training and yoga are good too.

6. It's cold winter here but I'm already thinking about the Landis Valley Plant Faire which is always Mother's Day Friday and Saturday in May in Lancaster, Pa. They have many plant vendors of everything imaginable, and since Mother's Day is the beginning of gardening season here in northern Maryland, I look forward to it very much as it signals that we're finally coming out of the deep sleep of the winter. I always get herbs for cooking, and some new perennials for the garden which gets bigger each year, and hubby gets some interesting tomato plants for the deck garden. There is a wonderful Iris farm that brings incredible Iris plants so I have quite a collection in my garden and always wonder what will come back and what didn't do so well over the winter. Even if I were to leave without buying anything, I still enjoy being on the living history farm for this event, it gets me in the mood for spring. I enjoy my Iris "children" most of all, and I look forward to each and every one of them blooming. I think I have about a dozen different varieties now, I collect a few each year if I can.

7. I ended up going to the fabric store and found some perfect buttons and ribbon for my dress. But when I opened up the car door when I got there it smelled like rotting garbage in the air! It was terrible! We have a couple of plants nearby, one makes cups and such for fast food places, the other makes spices. I don't even want to know what they were making today! I got into the store quickly so that I didn't have to smell the air more than necessary.

8. I went through this month's issue of cooking light and I'm now going through this month's Weight Watcher's magazine. I'm tearing out new recipies to try on the weekends when hubby is home. The ones from Cooking Light all have the nutritional information so I can calculate points per serving so I can decide if they're a good use of my points every day. Speaking of points, I went to Subway today on the way home from the fabric store to get one of their $5 footlongs...not everything is $5. The lower fat ones that I usually get such as Turkey or subway club weren't $5 which was disappointing. The ones I usually go for are 5 points for a 6 inch with no cheese or oil or mayo...but the Chicken Breast one I got is 6 points for half of a foot long. I'm saving the other half for supper. I get 21 points a day so that's just fine with me.

9. I'm disappointed in myself not doing any spinning lately, but honestly I probably have enough yarn made to make several projects and I'm getting more behind in the knitting or weaving phase. I want to let go of my own expectations for myself because then my hobbies become like chores...and just spin or knit or sew because I want to and not because I have to.

10. Today I'm making a better effort towards drinking more water. I feel better when I drink more water (usually I drink next to none) and my body functions better, so I'm going to make more of an effort, not just after I exercise.

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