Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday, a day late

I do apologise, it's Wednesday already and my husband reminded me that I hadn't done 10 things on my blog yesterday. So here I go, a day late (and always a dollar short).

1. I took the same fitness class today that I did almost 2 weeks ago and although I certainly feel it, my hair and toenails don't hurt quite as much afterward. I've been trying to spend a bit of quality time with the Wii fit each day and I'm finding that the yoga, strength training, and aerobic exercises there help me out a lot. They're no substitute for going to the classes at the gym, and though I can do a 4 minute run in place with Wii fit, doing once around the track (1/10 of a mile) still gets me in person. I suppose the important thing is that I keep at it and I've been able to move in that direction so far. When I'm not hurting from sore muscles, I really feel good, and I HAVE noticed that I have quite a bit more energy.

2. I'm doing a lot of cooking since I've been home quite a bit. I do enjoy it. In fact, on Sunday I made 2 dinners, one was to eat then, the other for left overs for lunches during the week. I did chicken chili with rice for the main meal, and baked ziti with chicken for left overs. I also made my zero point Italian soup on Sunday and have been enjoying it this week. When I win the lottery I'm going to do a complete kitchen make over with all the gourmet cook tops and 2 ovens and such.

3. My dress is nearing completion. I made the collar and cuffs last night (hand sewed all the lace on those) and pleated and put the skirt on the waistband while watching the Biggest Loser on TV. I attached the skirt to the bodice today by machine and I really don't like the way it looks so I'm probably going to take it apart and reattach it, this time by hand. I know though I will be able to wear it as is (most of the part I don't like won't show when I put a belt with the outfit and I made a belt to go with the dress)but I won't like it and it'll bug me until I fix it. I now have to hand sew on the collar and cuffs and put hooks and eyes in (about 4) and I'm finished if I postpone the ripping out and fixing. I did end up putting a ruffle all around the dress, and it looks nice. I'll have to have hubby take a picture on Saturday when I wear it.

4. I weighed in last Saturday at Weight Watchers and I actually gained 0.2 pounds. I know that isn't a lot, but I was hoping for a loss, especially with watching what I eat (except for Saturday which is our "evil" day) and exercising quite a bit...certainly more than when I was doing nothing!!! I was pretty upset about the gain for a day or two and now I'm just hoping for a loss this coming Saturday. My personal goal is 4 pounds off per month which isn't unrealistic, or so I thought.

5. My annual re qualification is coming on Monday. We have to spend 8 hours in person practicing our training and being tested. There's a lot of pre-work online and testing there too. There's quite a bit of memorization that goes with it, I have to always know those things (emergency response things) but the wording is always changing and this year for the first time we're being tested orally. Needless to say I'm in a bit of a panic mode, but I get this way every year and it always ends up going well. I'll study the next couple of days and it'll be fine. I guess just knowing I have an all-day event on Saturday is kind of getting to me, and then Sunday I fly to Chicago for the night as the training is there.

6. News on the challenging son: He put on Facebook how his kitten was in heat and absolutely miserable as his status message (for those of you that aren't on Facebook, you can leave a message that says "Vicki is: " or just your name and you fill in the rest. They're a good way to let people know what you're up to.) And to remind, he and I are not yet speaking as he hasn't apologised. So anyway, I know he's had trouble finding a job, and our vet likes to spay females before their first cycle, he had all kinds of good reasons. The shelters do it at 6 weeks now. All the medical research that I've read said that it's better to do it early and they don't have to go through a cycle first... So long story longer, I wrote him a message on facebook and gave him the website for a free or reduced rate spay or neuter clinic in his area, thought I was doing a good deed to him and to his little kitten. WELL, never a good deed goes unpunished! He changes his status to "(and I'm de-snarkifying this a bit) Jonathan is: To those that think I'm a bad cat parent, I'm not having her fixed yet because the vet and I think it's better to wait until my kitten has a couple of cycles beforehand." So you see, I tried to be nice and I tried to help and that's my thanks. Not even a personal message. Lesson learned. I've moved on.

7. Hubby took the kittens out on their harnesses and leashes yesterday to see the snowfall firsthand. Grace had of course been out in the snow while she was a stray, but the kittens had never gone outside in it. I was shocked at how much their harnesses had to be let out before I could fasten them around the kittens' bellies! They were adorable and really enjoyed their experience (yes, I took pictures, I'll upload them later) in the snow. They were so playful and energetic when they came in that they romped and played for quite awhile afterward. He took them outside one at a time because they always want to explore in opposite directions and I was busy so I didn't have time to help. Rosie just lay down in it at first...then she decided to go walk around.

8. This week, hubby gave me the money to mail in to go to the "Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860's" conference in March in Camp Hill, PA. I've always wanted to go, it's organized by the lady that teaches the Civil War era history and sewing classes ( and just about everyone in the classes enjoys going to the conference. There's a lot to do for the menfolk too and I didn't want to go by myself. So we're registered and I'm excited! We're signed up for a full day of lectures and seminars on Saturday, half day on Sunday, but Thursday, we're going to a behind-the-scenes look at the Gettysburg National Military Park archives and collections which is really going to be great! Our unit is going there for a field trip just 2 weeks later in March but they won't have access to the research areas like the conference participants. I can't wait to see old friends and make new ones too. :)

9. I bought tickets to the Valentine's Day Ball in Gettysburg for hubby and me...Civil War Dancing called by a couple that we really love. No new dress for that one, but I am going to take the ball gown class next November so I can do justice to the yummy silk I bought for the dress I want to make for that class. I have another dress I can wear, besides my 3 old Ball dresses that are pretty farby (or NOT period correct) so I'm excited about that too. Of course I have a trip on that day, but I hope to get it off so I can take hubby to the Ball. It's in a very old and beautiful hotel ballroom, and Civil War dancing is really beautiful to watch (all the swinging crinolined skirts-nicer looking when people wear proper shoes and under pinnings!) as well as being a lot of fun to participate in. I even feel like I might be able to keep up if I keep exercising beforehand.

10. We have at least one baby fawn in the backyard woods. :) It was with his/her mom in the woods during the snow, it was so sweet as the Mother was licking the fawn and getting the snow off it. There are deer that live back there, and though I don't see them often, I always enjoy seeing them when I can.

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Historical Ken said...

I am jealous - a ball in Gettysburg. I look forward to seeing pictures on your blog.