Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TTT with thanks to Diana

I've not done a TTT before, but since I'm off on Tuesdays this month, I'll try to get one in on Tuesdays at least in January.

1. I've really got to get myself to put away all the winter clothes that the three Hawaiians (daughter, son in law and grandson) left here after their visit. There is a box in the basement for them to go into, but I have to do some rearrangement down there in order to get it to fit. I told them to leave their cold weather gear since they really don't need it all until they come back probably for Thanksgiving 2010. It's on my agenda for today.

2. I took my first yoga class yesterday, definitely low impact, no sweating, and I thought I would have no problem with my muscles from this class, but when I got up, it felt like I've been run over by a truck so I decided not to kill myself to make it to this morning's fitness class. I might go walk at the gym later but I'm not going to push myself too hard and get discouraged and then quit. I think that's a good way to think about most things, I usually go like gangbusters at first and then burn out or get discouraged, but I'm going to try to be like the tortoise and stay slow and steady.

3. I'm trying to let go of the things that stress me, and the clutter in my house definitely stresses me. So each day I'm trying to work on one small area. Today on my agenda is packing my sewing things for my class this weekend, and I'm going to do some cleaning and cleaning out in the sewing room. Yesterday I set aside a plastic bin (and filled it) for the cardboard and newspaper recyclables so that corner of the kitchen wasn't so messy looking. Baby steps.

4. I set up igoogle to handle my various calendars and to send me alerts of appointments and such on my phone. I read about it in a magazine and so far I like it. It's free, and you can add a "to do" list and the calendar to your page, as well as various other things...I'd had the calendar on my one computer in my office, but I couldn't bring it up other places so this works well. I can also interface with hubby's calendar (when/if he sets one up) and have him have access to mine. I have 4 different calendars that all overlay in different colors (fitness classes, reenactment events, household events, my personal events). It took some time to set up but it's worth it.

5. This week I must finish the pre-work for my requalification exams that are coming up the 26th. I've only got a couple of units online to finish and then I will begin to study the items I need to refresh myself on from the manual. It's on my to-do list.

6. I've done well counting points so far this week and keeping my food intake to a level that is in line with my weight watcher's guidelines. It makes me feel a bit better to be in control. It was almost a defiant feeling just eating what I wanted this summer and fall, but I was only hurting myself, and I have the weight gain to prove it!

7. I got some yoga pants and a few tops yesterday on sale at Target. They're comfortable and more able to move than my usual work out clothing, and I finished pulling the tags off and getting them put away last night. Usually putting things away is not my forte...same as with laundry.

8. I'm learning to just let the cats hiss and posture and go after each other without trying too hard to get into the middle or to try to orchestrate good feelings with them all by giving treats when they're close to each other without agressing. They're going to have to figure out who's the "Chairman Meow" and I'm going to love on all of them despite the fact that all three want to be my favorite. All three want to get on the bed with me, but the kittens don't like Grace up there, and she doesn't like the kittens there, she wants me all to myself. It stresses me because I would dearly love them all to get along. I'm learning not to stress so much.

9. After discussing it with other moms of grown children, small children, and no children, I've been making a conscious effort not to let the situation with my son stress me anymore. I had to cut him off, "tough love" him because he'd spoken to me inappropriately and "told me off" for the 3rd time in about a year's time. I told him that he knows where I am when he figures things and on how to speak to his mother and I haven't had contact with him since. He has told me that since he's now an adult, we're equals and he can talk to me as he wants. I told him that unless he can give birth to me, we're never going to be equals, and that I don't want someone so negative, disrespectful, and argumentative to continue to be giving me stress. He's been in our town a few weeks ago and didn't call or send a message, and that in itself sends a message. Everyone says that if I don't stand my ground, it's just an invitation for the behavior to continue and to get worse and I'm not going to be a part of that. Don't even ask me about all the $ he owes me. lol It is a shame because I do miss the good parts of spending time with him.

10. I made two new fleece throws from fabric that was on sale at Joann's, just finished the second one last night. Now the cats all have places to lie on the sofa that have warm fleece on them, and I even get one to put over my legs when I'm watching TV. It was a win-win situation all around. :)

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Anonymous said...

I know you! You're the cutie patootie who used to share a commuter apartment with me in ORD, whose birthday we always celebrated with great festivity, whose mom advice and big shoulders have seen me thru years of mothering, and who drinks "Cheepie Time" tea!
love from your Boofalo buddy