Monday, December 29, 2008

Scenes that make me remember, and smile

Young love, what can we say about it? It's beautiful and special, and wonderful. This is daughter Meghann who is nearly 21 with her boyfriend, Eric. They were able to be together at Christmas after being separated since August.
Eric lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, so Meg went over to visit both him and also Jenn and Family on Oahu during the holiday season. The joy in their faces is evident. Meghann is a very acomplished photographer, and she has taken many hundreds of photos over the years...she took some wonderful ones of another example of young and true love:
This is the love of young parents for their baby boy. Here, Michael and Jenn and Aidan are snapped by Meghann as they visit turtle beach on Oahu. Aidan loves the water and loves anything that is swimming in the water. Michael and Jenn love watching him enjoy the water as they both love it as well.
This one is one of my favorites on the day of the family outing to see the USS Arizona memorial. Aunt Meghann also has remained a Park Passport Stamp collector as have Jenn and us, and she got to collect the one for the Arizona, which is the only National Park on Oahu. Even Aidan has his very own National Park Passport so that he can start collecting stamps which are great for building and rememboring memories of visits to the parks. Meg let us know that she was planning on going to all 4 of the parks on the Big Island during her visit with Eric. I always feel like I'm looking at a picture of my own emotions when I was a fairly new mom...and I revisit the joy I felt at experiencing things through my own kids' eyes as I watch Jenn enjoy doing the same with Aidan.
Another beautiful sunset picture with the family walking up the beach. Thanks, Meghann, those pictures are fantastic. :)

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