Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time to count down to the next visit

Yesterday the day dawned early at Dulles airport as we drove Michael, Jenn and Aidan to the airport for their long journey back to Hawaii. Aidan slept all night and then slept in the car on the way, so he was all full of energy when he got to the airport. Jenn's Dad, Robert, met us there as he was flying to Denver shortly thereafter. Mark got a few pictures.Mark snapped this one of Michael holding Aidan with Robert...Aidan wasn't still for long, walking everywhere and exploring the entire C terminal! It's amazing how many people smiled and talked to the little guy, it was really nice.
Mark was sharing Aidan's Eeyore with him...Aidan grabs one of the ears and then the thumb goes in the mouth...Mark was doing the same thing.
Mark and I had a wonderful time with Aidan AND his parents while they were here. We're counting the days until we get to see them again...this time it's our turn to travel. :)

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