Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lots of hissing going on

An update on the new cat (Grace)...she is very scary acting, hissing each time she sees either of the kittens. I guess she's spent so much time outside defending herself that she thinks they're going to hurt her, but Belle and Rose just are curious and want to probably sniff her and play with her. Everyone is loose in the house right now whenever I'm able to supervise, but they don't really interact, I suppose in time everyone is going to realize that they're all living here together and they can get along.

After doing some searching, I've found a breed that Grace looks like, the "Chantilly-Tiffany" breed. She is most likely a cross breed, as that breed has the characteristic chocolate brown with black coat, but she has brilliant green eyes whereas the C-T cats are bred for yellow or amber eye color. Grace has all the characteristics as well as the fur wisps in the ears and other things that are specific to the breed, and the good news is that these cats are not shedders. They are known as allergy-friendly. I've noticed that except when I've been grooming her and therefore pulling dead haid out, I don't find any cat hair where she has been resting.
She made herself at home last night on the sofa, right next to my leg. She purrs constantly, and loves to be petted, but she tires quickly and then just wants to lie close but be left alone. She's still mostly hungry, cautious, and exhausted, wanting to sleep a lot of the time. She had 3 shots on Sunday which could make her tired, and I'm sure that her body is recuperating from her time outside.

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Jody said...

It sounds like you are giving her the space she needs. It can take alot of time for cats to get to know each other and sometimes they will just tolerate each other. She is a very pretty cat though.