Saturday, December 20, 2008

A childhood memory renewed

Ok, you can knight my dear husband. He travels a fair amount and he always remembers the bring home something special for me. I lived in New York for a year or so when I was a child, and traveled there a lot before and after that to see my relatives. I fell in love with these cakes/cookies...I know they have many names but we call them "Black and White cookies". They're huge and cake like inside, with chocolate and vanilla/lemon icing on top and they're fantastic. Hubby flew home from Newark yesterday in a blinding snowstorm (one of the only planes that got out while the storm was going on) with a bag full of Black and Whites in his bag. :) Needless to say, as my waistline enlarges, my smile factor increases. I'm kind of glad that we don't live that close to NYC or these wouldn't be quite as special! I think it's not being able to get them all the time that adds to their allure. Excuse me, I have to run to the kitchen for more coffee and a Black and White for breakfast.


Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE Black and Whites and it is so good to see someone else mention them. DH and i grew up on Long Island. Places that sell the real thing are becoming harder to find. I hope that you enjoyed your treat.

Fiber Ninja said...

Mmmm, can I come over? I'll bring more coffee and flavoured creamer. A Black and White just might cheer me up.