Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting for the phone to ring

This was a tough weekend for Gracie...she wasn't doing very well. Monday I took her to the vet first thing because she'd had diarrhea for more than 2 days. Turns out it was good that symptom happened because when she was weighed, she had lost about half a pound in a week. While that wouldn't even be significant in a person's weight, to a 6 pound cat, it's a lot. She's been eating well, and drinking enough water, even with the issues with keeping it in, this shouldn't have happened. She was miserable, especially because we had to bathe her twice in 2 days because of her long hair getting fouled. The vet took blood and samples and gave her all kinds of medicines to treat the variety of things that might be going on. Her sugar level is ok so she's probably not diabetic, it could be a host of things, including a parasite she picked up while living outdoors. In any case, I'm sitting here waiting for the vet to call, and she's upstairs sleeping as usual. She certainly exhausts me when I give her the meds twice a day, I'm sure she's exhausted as well. I'll let you all know what the test results are once I get them. I hope it's something that is easily treatable.

Meanwhile, Rosie checks on her frequently, very quietly creeping into my office that Grace has made her home. Belle is curious but she and Gracie still hiss at each other. Poor Gracie doesn't even have the energy right now to go after Belle anymore. I sure do hope she gets to feeling better soon.

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