Thursday, December 18, 2008

So you can learn from my mistake

I am so tired of spam in my inbox that I can't even see straight. I have a business too so my email boxes sometimes end up with upwards of 3 or 4 HUNDRED spams in a day. And because sometimes customer email ends up in my spam box, I have to manually take a look through the spam folder before deleting. I don't open them, I just look at the subject and sender.

Well, I finally had enough of the horrible fraud spam emails that promise all kinds of money to be deposited in your account or via your atm card. I was tired of winning the various lotteries only I'd have to tell them my banking information so they could deposit my money. (I DO hope nobody out there ever gives out their information to ANYONE for things like this. Hey, I am pretty savy, whenever I get an email from a seemingly legitimate source, I never use their links to my account, I always close the email and go onto whatever website (usually on my other computer, too) through my usual website address. I've never had a problem because I am extremely careful.

So back to my mistake. I was feeling particularly naughty, so I went through my spam folder and to everyone that wanted my information I simply hit reply and sent them this message:

"Thank you for your recent advice of money you are wishing to pay me. Please send me your banking information by return email and I will initiate wire transfer immediately for the amount specified." No signature.

Of course, I didn't get the first return banking information from anyone. Go figure. But by opening and replying to their emails, they now know that my address is a valid one and I got even more spam of various kinds. (No, thank you, but I don't need my privates to be any bigger). So, learn your lesson here from me...don't ever even open spams. There is a way that the spammers can find out if you've even opened their spam. And don't reply. And for goodness sakes, never, ever click on anything you find in an email from someone you don't know well, that's how you get virus and worm programs into your computer. Even then, a spammer can capture an email address and make it seem like you're getting email from someone you know. Spammers can send emails from their own address and mask them to seem like they're from another email address. Be cautious. Just delete it.

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