Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jacksons Mill, newest dress, and playing catch up

I've been a definite hermit lately and haven't been blogging. I sincerely apologise to all my blog friends and family. I've been flying a full schedule lately and working hard on the business but I'll try to catch up. I stayed at home the weekend of Artillery School 2 weeks ago and did a bunch of sewing, more later on that.
2 weeks ago Mark and the guys and girls in our Reenactment unit that fire the Cannons went to a beautiful place to get more training and be certified in Civil War Era Artillery. The place that you see in these beautiful photographs that Mark took is called Jackson's Mill, West Virginia, and it is Thomas Jefferson (Stonewall) Jackson's boyhood home. It's an annual event for the unit's gunners and they really enjoy it.
The cabin is on the edge of a beautiful pond, Jackson's relatives owned the mill and this original cabin that sit on the property which is now on the campus of the 4-H center for the West Virginia University. It is also a living history center and has displays inside the buildings about flax to linen production as well as a great wheel and flax spinning wheel.
Our Unit, which is the 1st Maryland Cavalry renewed it's friendship with the 1st Maryland Infantry which hails from Connecticut. I had the pleasure of meeting these Gentlemen at Cedar Creek in Virginia last October on the battlefield after the battle on Saturday.
This dress was finished while Mark was away, it's got pink flowers and a pink trellis that is accentuated by the pink ribbon on the bodice and sleeves. I now have a few more cut out as well as some maternity cothing for Jennifer, but because I've been flying haven't been able to get much done in the sewing room.

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