Saturday, May 12, 2007

Garden Progress

The garden in the front of our house has been a major project this spring since the excavation last fall of the water pipes that ran under the entire front yard and even our walk and steps. Everything but a few hardy plants was disrupted or lost so we've been working hard to put it all in order, only beteter. This part of the garden is where our pet Gator lurks, and I've done my best to fill his area with low to the ground plants that will spread during the growing season to hide him a little bit more effectively.
After we left the Landis Valley Plant Faire, we had a bunch of new inhabitants for our garden which is a problem place because it gets very hot for a few hours during the afternoon in the summer, but mostly is part to total shade. This area is on the side of the same tree as the Gator Garden but gets even less sun so the plants I chose for that area are mostly hostas and ginger and full shade plants.
This area had some hardy Black Eyed Susans and a few Echinacea or cone flowers but the grass that they put back into this area is overrunning them. I planted some new plants today and it'll get mulched tomorrow. This area gets very sunny and hot for part of the day, hopefully the Dianthus plants I bought will do well here.
This little plant is in a very special place. This is a millstone that came from Mark's grandfather's farm in Rock Island. It is probably 3 or 4 generations old, and when Grandpa passed away in his 90's he had it as an ornament in the front of his house. We asked if we could have it for our garden and Mark's mom generously agreed. So we're using it as a planter in the corner of the garden. I think this might be one of my favorite spots of all. :)

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