Saturday, May 12, 2007

I finally finished this one

You would have thought I was never going to finish this dress, in fact, I have finished 3 others since I started making this one. For some reason, it just never thrilled me once I got it put together so it's been slung over the door to my sewing room for all this time awaiting buttonholes and buttons. I'd started a couple of "mud dresses" of cheap fabric to wear to totally outdoor events when it rains and the weather is horrible and this is one of them.
I added a collar and it'll have a broach when I wear it for dressier wear, and with a ribbon belt, it seemed to "clean up" all right but it's still too light colored and white for my liking. It was also my first experiment with adding sleeve jockeys.

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Knitting Ninja said...

I really like the colour of this dress; it just screams SPRING!! I can totally understand the concern about the mud issue though.