Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gardening project...well, that's the plan

Last fall our front yard had to be completely torn apart to follow the pipes for water that come from the street to our house. The plumber had an excavator machine tear out all of our gardens so we've had to wait until things began to bloom in order to see what ended up coming back or not. These azaleas did come back, though one plant for the side of these didn't. These plants will have to be moved back or more plants added in back of them as they were replaced about 2-3 feet forward of where they used to be.
This plant was not within the perimeter of the damage so it's doing well. Today our agenda included a visit to Home Depot to buy a new lawnmower and some tools and seed, mulch, fertilizer, and miracid...we did manage to get what we need but the energy ran out so we'll be working on it later this week. We got a bit sidetracked going back to the Festival this morning.

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