Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More pictures of Civil War Reenactments

These are some pictures which were forwarded from one of my friends in our reenactment unit (thank you very much, Linda!) of prior events. This one is me spinning some lovely wool at Steppingstone Museum, just a couple of weeks ago.

This is a favorite of mine, the two Sergeants sitting and discussing troop movements on the battle field...Mark and Bob. This one as well as the remainder of these pictures were taken at the Cedar Creek Reenactment held in October 2006.
This is a horrible shot but it's at Cedar Creek was quite chilly that weekend so as you can see, I'm wearing a sontag and bonnet and trying very hard to keep warm.
These are vaious battle scenes during the reenactment. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

If my husband John had any free time, this would be his fantasy hobby. He is a huge Civil War buff and both admires and envies all the reenactors he has met.

Alas, owning a small construction business (even in the best of times) is a 7-day a week commitment.

He does, however, go to early church service every Sunday and then out to breakfast with the guys. What a good man he is.