Saturday, May 19, 2007

Steppingstone Saturday

This weekend was our Civil War reenactment unit's first weekend event of the season at the Steppingstone Farm Museum of Susquehana State park in Havre de Grace, Maryland.
It was a long and cold weekend and we have really missed each other! We're a family orientated unit and have kids and horses and civilians and cavalry and dismounted calvary and we really enjoy the living history teaching as well as the social aspect of our unit.
We had so much fun today talking, I got to spin and wear a corset and hoops and watch the troopers play Civil War and talk and play with the kids and get nuzzles from the horses. Bobby Lee the horse spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out if anything on my hat was edible!
We did, however, really miss Jon at this reenactment, it was the first one that he attended with us last year. We laughed and joked and really enjoyed each other.
We brought Abigail home with us rather than spend a cold and wet rainy night in our tent...we're spending the night at home. We're having a wonderful time talking and telling stories and laughing and bonding.
We even decided to get together a group of people and go to Dixie Days in 2 weeks after we liberate Jon from his Army base...we'll be observers at the reenactment but we all thought Jon would enjoy it so we're going. :)
Tomorrow is another day to get into period clothing again and have another battle and talk with more spectators. Then it's back to 2007 and the modern world.

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