Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Annual Fiber Gluttony Fest: Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Saturday Report: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival...We arrived in a long line of cars at about 8:30 in the morning and the tee-shirt and festival items line was already over 100 people long! Mark and I took turns standing in the line as I had orders for a couple of dear friends until the vending area opened at 9 and we were able to go in. I got the shirts that I wanted as well as some adorable baby items for the grandbaby to be as well.
Before too long, Loraine called me to find out where I was, she and her delightful husband Ron and their boys had come to the fair. Simon, shown here with his very special fleece, is quite an accomplished fiber guy, he is a handspindler and makes wonderful yarn! He picked out this beautiful chocolate brown fleece that Mom allowed him to get at the fleece sale.
He is Simon again waiting with Mom to pay for his fleece. (And yes, if you must know, despite swearing that I wouldn't buy another raw fleece, I purchased a small Tunis fleece, a Grey Naturally colored Finn, and a Beautiful Cormo Cross that was nearly chocolate brown.) They are some beautiful fleeces that I hadn't seen before so I couldn't resist. We walked the fleeces out to McClellan's Frankenmuth Woolen Mills for them to wash and card the fleeces into roving. I've used this Mill before and I highly recommend their work. Simon's fleece will be sent back labeled appropritately and made into his favorite thin pencil-like roving.
We enjoyed the time with the boys, with our friends, and with the sheep but we left fairly early to go to Gettysburg. We got sidetracked in Emmitsburg where we visited a huge antique mall and found some great books about my dad's unit in WWII as well as a scallop punch for leather that looks like a miniature of the fabric scallop cutter that was used in Civil War clothing. I'm still looking for the scallop maker for fabric.

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