Sunday, May 20, 2007


The morning dawned dark and rainy and chilly as we got up and got ready to return to the Steppingstone museum. Lucikly the day turned into a beautiful and sunny one and warmed up significantly. This is a beautiful place, this is a view from the area in which our unit had camped, of the Susquehanna River near the Conowingo Dam.
The horses and people really enjoyed the battle, talking with the reenactors, and the period music and dance demonstrations. We hear that this event will not be held anymore due to politics between the state park and the farm museum. It will truly be a shame as this is a well attended and enjoyed event.
This is Mark's "Testudo, Fear the Turtle" (Maryland Fans will understand) stance with the river and the valley in the background.
Since it was so rainy and horrible this morning, I wore camp/work clothes today. I spent all day spinning some brown colored Blue Faced Leceister wool into a full bobbin of yarn today and finished plying it with yesterday's bobbin when we got home.
I thought this would be an interesting sight to the drivers as these cannons and limbers are pulled along the highway on their way home from the reenactment. I'm sure those that aren't familiar with what us living history people do will wonder why there are cannons on a trailer going down I-95.
After we left, we drove into beautiful downtown Havre de Grace for an early dinner. Last year after this event, Jonathan took us out to dinner at a great place along the water called MacGregors which we wanted to visit in commemeration of the first weekend event of our reenactment season. We were also missing Jon and talking about him.
This is a view off the deck from our table. The guy in the Blue Shirt was the one-man entertainment on the deck at MacGregors, he was quite good, the food was fantastic, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks, Jon, for showing us this place!

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