Thursday, March 01, 2007

The "Parkie" Gene is heriditary!

I got home from my trip last night to greet DD (dear daughter) Meg who just flew back from spending time with DD and DSIL Michael in El Paso. And you know what? She was excited to tell me that she and Jenn searched out and found a new National Park to get a stamp in their passports for that I don't have! There are several lists that have information on the National Park Passport Stamps, if you're interested, you can click on the highlighted links. The Master list is at which has a huge list of every known park stamp. Yup, I'm working on it! Of course, I have a print out of the list in the pocket of my passport. There are even a couple of groups on msn about collecting the stamps that I found by googling. But, I digress. The park they went to is on the old Mexican/American border to celebrate the friendship of the countries. The border has changed due to the rerouting of the river that runs between the two countries. There are beautiful (I'm looking at the brochure Meg brought) areas to enjoy the park, hiking, picnicing, and trails. I'm not sure if they enjoyed visiting the park as much as they are going to enjoy flaunting the stamp that they have that we don't! It has become quite a fun competition! That's ok, though...I have one that none of the family has, and this place isn't even a National Park anymore, it has gone private...the Oklahoma City Federal Building memorial. It's a beautiful place that commemerates a horrible history, but I got it, and you know that the collector in me says: "HA!"
It's so much fun for me to realize that being a "parkie" and a passport stamp collector has taken off within the kids after all the vacations we did that were planned around visiting the National Parks. I highly recommend any family purchasing an annual Parks Pass for a little over $50. It gets you and your spouse, kids, and parent into any park in the nation for a full year. We've always gotten our money's worth from this.

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