Monday, March 19, 2007

I can't promise I'll be human yet

...but I'll try. I just spent all day doing the taxes and the event always makes me feel like my skin is on too tight. I always get a overload headache, and I hermit at the computer and barely speak to anyone until they're done. But now that the envelopes are sealed and taken to the post office, I feel somewhere between wanting to crawl into bed and take a nap to try to recharge my number addled brain, and wanting to scream because I so hate doing them that I've put it off until now and the net result wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be while I was procrastinating. This is the latest I've ever done my taxes as every year the return gets more complicated and thus more dreaded. Now I can get back to doing things that I don't hate as, sewing, being sociable, spending time speaking intelligble sentences rather than just grunts as I look through the mountain of paperwork that I have to have to take on this yearly challenge. I think I'll take a nap, then have maybe a glass of wine, and do nothing the rest of the day!

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Liz said...

I don't envy you that task. Blech. Well, if you are feeling human and adventurous let me know. Kirk is in Elsalvador until the 30th so I have lots of free time next week. (In theory anyway. You know how time gets away from me...)