Thursday, March 22, 2007

Work output this past week

Ive been working this past week or so on finishing up some dresses I'd cut out a month ago. This light colored one is a camp dress for hot summer events because the fabric is light in weight and color and the sleeves are not lined so will be cooler. I decided to attach the collar and do white cuffs as there is no other trim on the dress. I like the way this one drapes and I knife pleated the skirt directionally.
Then I got started working on the other one I'd cut out at the same time...this one is a heavier fabric, this one was the fabric that I didn't have enough of and scoured all the walmarts in 3 counties to find more which I did. I made it using the same pattern but I did put some fabric ruching with a line of grosgrain ribbon on the sleeves. I am going to make a white collar for this one that will be detachable, I need to get heavier fabric for the collar as I don't like the weight of the bleached muslin I already have. This one was double and triple box pleated and I used grey-black rubber look buttons for the front. This ended up as more of a dressy dress than a camp dress due to the pattern on the fabric, so I'll probably use a black ribbon belt to dress it up as well as the collar.
This is come fabric that I had in my stash. I suspect that it's from Wal-Mart too as I don't want to use any of my "good stuff" until I take my fitted bodice class this weekend at Genteel Academy. Then I'll use my quilting fabric to make some dressy day dresses. I actually managed to get rid of almost all the dresses I wore last season and I'm trying to be more accurate with this season's creations both in period-correctness of the fabric and the construction techniques. This fabric will be a camp dress, though I did cut out some bias strips to use for flat trim on the skirt and I drafted a pattern for a jockey on the sleeves. I don't think I'm going to trim the bodice, but we'll see how much fabric I have left after making the piping for the jockeys, I've already cut the strips for the rest of the piping. It's all an adventure and my sewing room is my laboratory!

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