Sunday, March 11, 2007

Museum Visit

We met our Reenactment unit yesterday at the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a morning (and part of the afternoon) spent touring the museum. The museum is self-guided with a series of videos to direct you. It was nicely done though you could sure tell you were North of the Mason-Dixon line by the slant of the museum.
I especially enjoyed seeing actual artifacts such as hair from the tail of Little Sorrell, General Lee's riding gloves, Thomas J. Jackson's gauntlet, some of Pickett's hair, and an excellent Medical Display. There were also artifacts belonging to Grant and a good display of firearms, swords, and uniforms.
On the way home we were able to stop at my favorite outlet for lace and trim to get some lace for my Civil War collars and cuffs...woohoo...a fun museum visit AND retail therapy.

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