Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bawlmer trip

We spent the day doing things that Jen wanted to do since she's going home to Texas tomorrow. We went down to the City the long way so she could see the water and the Baltimore skyline as we drove in and we took some pictures of the water later on during the day from the seawall of Ft. McHenry.

We spent time in Fells Point walking around and enjoying the beautiful day. We had breakfast/lunch at a favorite spot of Jen's, the "Full Moon Cafe" and the food was great! Then we drove through town (they were getting ready for the St. Patrick's Run and parade today) to Ft. McHenry National Park which has always been one of our favorite spots. This was a surprise picture that Jen took of us waiting to leave the cafe. It's on Aliceanna street a block or so off Broadway which is one of the main streets in the Original Baltimore Harbor area. Jenn was also able to get a copy of "Harold and Maude" from the really cool cd/dvd store that is right along the waterfront. It's a family favorite and tradition too.
This is Jenn standing in front of the doors that they used for the Television Show "Homicide, Life on the Streets" I took several pictures of the plaques on the wall dedicated to the folks that made the show as well as of the facade that they used to represent the City of Baltimore police department (no, the building isn't really the Police HQ). It is always lots of fun to go down to Fells point...we have lots of pictures to show for our day, too many to post!

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