Monday, March 26, 2007

This week's Jon update

OK, nobody tell Jon I used this picture of him at around 3 years old...*giggles*. Anyway, Jon called me yesterday and here's the update for the friends and family that check here. He had his gall bladder function test on Tuesday at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, and though he has not talked to his doctor yet (he has an appointment at Walter Reed this coming Friday), he does not think there were any issues with the Gall Bladder nor it's function. The pancreatase which is the pancreatic enzymes that he has been on for the last week or so are helping him a lot. He is in a much improved mood when he is on these medications before meals, and the pain is diminished to the point where he has been able to reduce his pain medicine. He still has a really hard time when he comes down off the pancreatic enzymes and not only does the pain return, but his mood plummets and he becomes exceedingly tired as well. The good news is that he received special permission to attend class as there was an opening in the school cycle starting last week. He apparently is blowing the class away, even helping a student that isn't catching on as easily as he. He has been told that he cannot graduate because he is unable to pass his PT tests because of being sick so he's really upset about that. I told him that I thought he should just take it a day at a time, learn what he can, and perhaps if he does really well, they'll make an exception on the PT testing and allow him to graduate. After all, the Army is scrambling for personnel, they're offering huge bonuses to soldiers to reenlist, especially in this area (helicopter electrical and electronics), so maybe we can all, with our thoughts and prayers, prevail upon the universe to allow Jon to finish his classes and actually graduate from AIT. Right now he's kind of like Tom Hanks in "Terminal" without being able to do much of anything, being put in school is a huge good thing.

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