Saturday, March 03, 2007

I had a fantastic day of "SEX" today!

Now before those of you that found this blog entry through searching for the word "sex" get excited, to those of us aquainted with the fibery addictions such as sewing, spinning, knitting and the like, sex stands for a "Stash Enhancement eXcusrion", and that was exactly what today was all about. It was reenactor appreciation day in Gettysburg so we decided to cross the Mason-Dixon line and go up there. One of my favorite fabric shops, "Needles and Thread" is between Fairfield and Gettysburg, and we stopped there to buy a couple of patterns that I was looking for. Darlene, the owner, carries patterns from many reenactment periods as well as hard to find items such as wool grosgrain ribbon for trims. She also always has a huge selection of period-correct reproduction cotton fabrics for quilting and dressmaking. I fell in love with these, though there are many more waiting for me the next time I come back after I've saved some more hobby money. The one in the foreground will be an evening dress for camp balls/dances, and the other 3 were such beautiful colors and fabrics that they will be day dresses, probably on the fancier side. I do most of my camp dresses from less expensive fabrics that are probably a bit "less" period-correct but they work for getting muddy and dirty out camping with the unit. I got a few bodice patterns I'd wanted for my upcoming fitted bodice class, as well as a beautiful coat pattern that I hadn't seen before. I also got a beautiful ball headpiece made of ribbon and flowers that will go with my existing gowns as well as will go with the fabric I bought today for an evening gown.
We also had the privledge of running into two dear friends, one of which is the commander of artillery for our unit while in the shops of Gettysburg. It was a busy day but a nice one. :)

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