Saturday, March 03, 2007

Have you seen this fabric?

The Fabric that I've pictured here was some that I bought the other day at the Owings Mills, Maryland Wal-Mart. I just love it and I thought it would make a fantastic Civil War era dress. Well, there wasn't enough of it to make piping, cuffs, nor a 4th skirt panel so I am just heartbroken. I didn't think much of it when I was cutting the bodice out, I just thought I'd go to the next town and grab another piece of it, no big deal. Well, I didn't know at the time that Wal-Mart is discontinuing the fabric in some of it's stores so they haven't been ordering restocks on lots of their fabrics. We checked several stores today (in two states!)and couldn't find any anywhere. Usually you can find the same fabric at stores nationwide, and I am now looking for about 2 yards or more or it. If you have any of this in your stash, or happen to see it in a Wal Mart near you (it was on the $2 a yard pile) please let me know, email me at and we'll work out details. I'm willing to pay you for your trouble and for shipping. Thanks for looking!

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