Thursday, July 24, 2008

A walk outside

One of Belle's favorite things to do is to go for a walk outside. She comes running when I ask her if she wants to go outside and lies down so I can put her harness on. She isn't crazy about my attaching the chest strap, but generally she knows she's going out so she is very understanding. She does try to get out the door sometimes without being in her harness, but we're working with her to make sure she knows that she's not supposed to go out without it.
She is still kind of skittish outside, noises like cars on the road out front scare her, but she is pretty brave and wants to explore. She isn't into going long distances though, so we keep it pretty short as she looks through the plants in the garden and just outside the garden.
Her favorite is the Coreopsis which is soft and fern like, she loves lying down on it. Then she goes and lies on the sidewalk and looks around for a minute before she decided where to go next.
As we were walking outside today, I head "mewing" coming from the woods right on the peremeter of our yard...I couldn't find anyone, but it sounded like a young kitten. Maybe she wasn't the only kitten from the litter that was abandoned. I'd like to think that any that are around are doing well, but I couldn't see any other kittens.
We went inside, and Belle is taking a well deserved nap on my lap as I type. She's nearly too long to fit on my lap anymore but she really doesn't like being moved to her cat bed on my desk. I'll enjoy her being small for now.

I did have to squirt her a few times for biting last night and this morning, which is a very easy way to have an attitude adjustment for her! I wish I'd thought to squirt my kids when they were in that tough middle-school age! :)

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