Sunday, July 13, 2008

This week

This was a busy week with a Balance test for the ear doctor on Monday which totally made me sick, and then flying a 4 leg trip each day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. That and an IBS episode kept me home and quiet this weekend. But Belle got a new cat tree, thanks to Jonathan sharing the web address of the place he got his. It was here in like 2 days and went together very easily, even with the cat helping. And the website had the most reasonably priced ones that I'd seen anywhere so that's good too!
We thought at first that the top level was going to be too high for Belle to jump up to, or it would be too wobbly but she loves sleeping in the very top tray and looking down on her humans and her domain.
Here's another shot of the cat tower and the new resident.
Mark likes to lie on the floor and play with Belle at the tower, Belle is very good about scratching on the posts rather than on the furniture so it's all good.
Belle had to be put out of the sewing room for a few minutes while I finished cutting out the fabric for this sun dress, but she didn't try to help too much and get in the way while I was sewing. This is some of the Hawaiian fabric that I brought home from Oahu the last time we were there, it's just a kick around at home dress and was very easy to make. I'm on some medicines for the ears that have steriods in them that are making me kind of "puffy", so I feel like I look huge, especially in this dress. Still, I did promise a certain best friend a picture. (Hi Lorraine!) So here it is! The dress is finished and I think I'll use the pattern to make a blouse or two...but hopefully in a more flattering patterned fabric. :)

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Fiber Ninja said...

Really comfy looking dress! I'll bet even I could make one. Now that Belle has a "kitty condo", maybe she will spend less time getting into your things.