Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pictures of the Little Guy

I haven't posted Aidan pictures on my blog in awhile, and the kids took Aidan to Pearl Harbor last weekend so there are new pictures to post! This one was back at home with Daddy, wearing his ACU bib.
We'd taken Jenn to see the Arizona memorial when she was just a few days away from delivering Aidan, we were sightseeing everywhere so that Jenn would walk and hopefully get Aidan to appear! Here they are in front of the USS Missouri, which is also a museum because the WWII surrender was signed on this ship.
In order to get out to the Arizona memorial, you have to take a little boat ride as it's at the other side of the harbor. This is the boat ride, which Aidan seems to be enjoying. If you haven't ever been to see it and get the opportunity, it's really a very interesting and moving place. The Arizona is under the water underneath the visitor building.
This is the park area where you can walk and enjoy the sunshine and weather while waiting for the next boat to the other side of the harbor. There is a wall with the names of the people that died on Pearl Harbor Day, and many people take rubbings of their family member's names. It really is beautiful, and Michael was pointing out things to Aidan here like the other ships.
Of course, it wouldn't be quite as much fun if Aidan didn't get out of the stroller and crawl around and explore while waiting! Jenn tells me he is incredibly mobile. We miss Aidan, Jenn and Michael and wish we were in Hawaii with them (or they here in Maryland with us)! :)

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