Thursday, July 31, 2008

Belle and Rose finally get to meet

This morning bright and early I opened the bedroom door where Belle has been confined away from Rose, and Belle and I went downstairs to get breakfast. Rose was sleeping in the top tier of the cat tower and came down to meet Belle. There was hissing and growling from Belle and Rose went into her carrier ro hide which meant Belle could smell her again her being afraid of attack. Eventually Belle figured out that this was the same interloper that she'd smelled and played with last night under the door to the bedroom, and the kittens seemed ok with each other so I let them be together.
Before the kittens were able to be together, Rose liked to sleep on the cat tower in the living room, it gives her a "kitty's eye" view of the room. This picture was snapped before Belle was introduced to Rose last night. There's going to be some teritorritorial adjustments on the tower, I'm sure, as both of the kittens love it.
I finally let both kittens out and there was some posturing going on but the food I put down on either side of the kitchen was a great distraction. Rose is a much better eater than Belle. The girls ate and then sniffed each other and then spent the next hour chasing, playing, posturing, and running up and down the stairs one in pursuit of the other, and not always the same cat leading. They eventually found out that there were squirrels outside and both got together to look at the squirrels. Rose had a visit to the vet yesterday, we figure she is probably 2-3 weeks younger than Belle, but by the size of their respective paws, I am guessing that Rose will end up being the bigger of the two when they're grown.
Belle is fascinated with the tip of Rose's tail that has an orange patch of fur on it. She tries to snif it and grab it which of course, Rose doesn't want her to. I finally had to separate the kittens when I heard crying and turns it out it was Belle underneath Rose that had pinned her down. Rose had been rather the underdog most of the time they'd been running around this morning, but I think the tables might be turning.

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